Basic free course will provide you in-depth, basic knowledge of Industrial Techniques like PLC & SCADA. 

We will start the course from scrap, so that engineers with no Industrial knowledge can learn and get knowledge on Industrial techniques. This will be usefull for their carriculam as well as for interview preparation.

Course Contents :

Topic – PLC (Theory – Video Lectures)
Introduction to PLC – Covers block diagram of PLC, Input/outputs of PLC etc.
Communication Protocols – Various communication protocols available for PLC Communication
Difference in PLC & Relay
Different Types of PLC Programming Languages – Various Languages will be discussed in this video
Different brands of PLC – Major brands of PLC
Difference between compact & modular PLC – Various series of PLC
Introduction to ladder Diagram – All basic Instructions
PLC Input & output – Types of sensors & Actuators
Rules for PLC Ladder Programming

Topic – PLC (Practical Video Lectures)

Download & Install RSLogix 500 Software for Basic Free course on PLC & SCADA.

How to configure AB PLC’s RSLinx, RSLogix Software
Logic gates in Ladder – NOT, AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR etc.
Write Program in PLC and Simulate using RSEmulate software.
Timer in PLC – TON, TOF, RTO
Traffic Light control Project
Counter Instruction – CTU, CTD
Compare Instructions -EQU, LES, GRT, LEQ, GEQ, LIM
Compute & Math Instructions – CPT, ADD, SUB, MUL, DIV
Move Logical Instructions – MOV, MVM, AND, OR, XOR, NOT
Sequencer, File shift Instructions – BSL, BSR, SQL, SQO

Topic – SCADA (Theory & Practical Video Lectures)
Introduction to SCADA System – Various Features of SCADA
Introduction to SCADA Software – PC requirement, Software Installation
Project development
System Graphic Designing
Graphic Control
Trends & Alarms

All above Basic Free Course on PLC and SCADA content videos will be available online on our facebook page and on our youTube channel

Because of huge demand from our page followers, Advance course will also be covered containing, Siemens PLC, SCADA, HMI and Delta PLC etc.

So stay tuned and Happy learning!!!

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