After completion of Basic course, all participant will be redirected to Free Advanced course on Siemens PLC SCADA.

The course will cover training on Siemens PLC, SCADA and HMI. Course will also cover Delta, Omron & Mitsubishi PLC Programming software training.

Advanced free course will provide you in-depth knowledge of Industrial Automation Technique, Siemens PLC SCADA. 

Course Contents :

Topic – PLC (Theory – Video Lectures)
Introduction to Siemens PLCs.
Siemens PLC Communication Protocols – Various communication protocols available for Siemens PLC Communication
Different Series of Siemens PLC, available

Topic – PLC (Practical – Video Lectures)

Download & Install TIA Portal Software for Advanced Free course on PLC & SCADA.

How to configure TIA Portal Software
Logic gates in Ladder – NOT, AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR etc.
Write Program in PLC and Simulate them.
Bit Logic Instruction – NO, NC,Out, NOT, P, N, S, R etc.
Timer operations – TP, TON, TOFF, RTO etc.
Counteroperations – CTU, CTD, CTUD
Comparator Instructions – == , <>, >, <, >=, <= etc.
Math Functions – Calculate, ADD, SUB, MUL, DIV, MOD, NEG, INC, DEC
Move Logical Instructions – MOVE, AND, OR, XOR, NOT
Program Control Operation –

Topic – Introduction to Delta, Omron, Mitsubishi PLC Programming Softwares
Introduction to programming softwares, its configuration, program Download and Upload etc.

Topic – SCADA (Theory & Practical Video Lectures)
Introduction to TIA Portal Wincc Advanced SCADA
Project development
System Graphic Designing
Graphic Control
Trends & Alarms

All above Advanced Free Course on PLC and SCADA content videos will be available online on our facebook page and on our youTube channel

So stay tuned and Happy learning!!!

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